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Unspoiled Nature

Unspoilt nature, breathtaking landscapes and outdoor adventures await you during your stay at BV Hotels & Resorts in the beautiful region of Calabria. Whether you are a sea enthusiast, mountain lover or looking for enchanting rural landscapes, you will find all this and much more exploring the natural wonders of Corigliano, Rossano and Zambrone.

The beauty of the natural landscapes of Corigliano

Corigliano Calabro, nestled between the sea and the mountains, offers visitors an experience of unspoiled nature that enchants and surprises. Its golden sandy beaches stretch along the coast, offering perfect places to relax and enjoy the crystal clear sea. But Corigliano is also surrounded by rich vegetation, with hills and valleys that offer breathtaking views and hiking trails surrounded by wild nature.

Staying at BV facilities in the area, such as the BV Airone Resort, you will have the opportunity to explore these enchanting landscapes and live an authentic experience in the nature of Calabria.

Rossano: the intense green of the Calabrian greenhouses

Located in the green hills of the Serre Calabresi, Rossano is an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty. Its breathtaking landscapes are characterized by centuries-old olive trees, vineyards and citrus groves that stretch to the horizon. Rossano is also famous for its chestnut forests, which offer beautiful autumn scenery and hiking trails ideal for nature lovers. During your stay at the BV Airone Resort, do not miss the opportunity to explore this hidden treasure of Calabria and immerse yourself in its timeless natural beauty.

Zambrone: the turquoise sea of the Costa degli Dei

Zambrone, located along the beautiful Costa degli Dei, boasts some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in Calabria. Here, the turquoise sea breaks over rocky cliffs and secluded coves, creating scenery that leaves you breathless. The beaches of Zambrone are surrounded by wild and lush nature, with olive trees, prickly pears and myrtle bushes that give the landscape a unique charm. Staying at the BV Borgo del Principe or other BV facilities in the area, such as the BV Kalafiorita Resort, you can explore this natural wonder and be enchanted by its timeless beauty.

A natural experience with BV Hotels & Resorts

Choose BV Hotels & Resorts for an experience of nature and wellness that will leave you unforgettable memories and feelings of peace and serenity.

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