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BV Hotels & Resorts:
The value of sustainability

The world of BV Hotels & Resorts is sustainable!

For over 25 years, the BV Group has been committed to offering a comprehensive experience in all its locations, something that goes beyond the simple concept of accommodation, putting what really is important at the center.





Sustainability: Our commitment to Earth

We know that Earth is precious and we have adopted the United Nations sustainable Development Goals as our guideline. We minimize our impact on the environment through responsible use of resources, the adoption of sustainable management practices, and by supporting renewable energy to preserve our planet for future generations.

Being connected to our territory: The importance of being local

In order to promote sustainability at the local level, we stimulate regional products trade for the ingredients used in our kitchens and encourage the recruitment of people from the area in our staff, in order to be in direct contact with the territory. This way we not only reduce the environmental impact, but also contribute to the economic development of the surrounding communities.


Gender gap: Fairness and inclusion in every aspect

We are committed to promoting gender equality in everything we do. Inclusion is the foundation of everything, from our staff to our supply chain to our corporate policies. We want to create an environment where everyone can thrive and realize their potential, regardless of gender.


Future generations: Investing in tomorrow

Young people are our hope and our future. That is why we invest in education, lifelong learning and sustainable lifestyle initiatives: We want to leave a better world than the one we found, and we are committed to doing so through every aspect of our work.

Your role in our mission

Every action, be it big or small, has an impact: You are an essential part of our mission. Every time you choose to stay at one of our hotels, you are contributing to our commitment to a more sustainable and inclusive world.