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A real commitment to the future of Savé's girls

In 2023, BV Hotels & Resorts launched a charity initiative that had a noticeable impact on the community in Savé, Benin: The creation of a bilingual school dedicated to 110 girls at risk of early marriage. This reflects the BV Group's commitment to promoting education and gender equality.

Supporting education for a bright future

The bilingual school not only offers a safe educational environment, but also opens doors to a bright future for the Savé girls. Access to education is essential in order to break the cycle of poverty and discrimination, and BV Hotels & Resorts has recognized this urgent need and decided to take concrete action.

Progetto Africa 2023

Fundraise for change

To make this dream a reality, significant efforts have been made in fundraising. From generous donations to awareness-raising projects, every contribution has been important to make the realization of this school possible.

Real support for essential infrastructure

The funds raised have been used in a targeted way to ensure that the school can operate adequately. From the kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, stoves and oven, to the installation of a solar panel system to ensure sustainable electricity, every detail has been taken care of to create a safe and comfortable environment for young girls to learn.

Investing in the future with essential equipment

The generosity of all those who joined this initiative made it possible to provide essential equipment for the classrooms and the mess hall. From classroom desks and chairs to lockers and mess hall supplies, every detail has been taken care of to ensure that girls can focus on learning without distraction.

A lasting commitment to positive change

The 2023 charity initiative demonstrated a real willingness to make a positive impact in the most disadvantaged communities: This will not be an isolated event, but rather the beginning of a project that will continue over time. BV Hotels & Resorts is committed to continuing this mission with new initiatives to improve community life